Building a Reversible Beverage Array

Fant denne på K9JYs blog: Reversible Beverage Array by OH2BEN

Seventeen pages of how to build beverages — using the KISS method. Tom, OH2BEN, notes:

Because I am not an engineer or technically oriented person, this is also a learning process for me. I am good to solder PL259’s, but all electronic stuff is beyond my understanding. But I am learning. And I can assure you, that it takes a lot of time to understand all technical nuances and there are still a lot of things what I cannot understand. Therefore all notes are just how I understand it and in a KISS way. And therefore you cannot expect to see some nice or new ideas 🙂

Den kom også i ARRL Rate Sheet:

Tom OH2BEN has written a short article OH2BEN Reversible Beverage Array -20-10-2007
about his Reversible Beverage array project. His array consists of 3
reversible Beverages that can be switched to receive in 6 directions.