The Team

A short presentation of the LA8W LN8W operators. (Incomplete)

LB8IB Øyvind Olaf Ekhall
Born October 31 1967

Founder-member LA Contest Club and The Whisky Team – LA8W LN8W.

At age 12 he caught the ham radio bug from his father LA4MK(SK).

He could sit for hours listening to stations on his old Galaxy 5 transceiver. At 14 he got his novice licence with the call LB8IB, running 15 watts CW, but still managed to work 100+ countries with their Hygain 18AVT vertical. At the age of 16 he received his “A” licence with the call LA8SDA. Switched back to LB8IB October 18 2005.

Operated from: LA2AB, LG5LG, SJ9WL, OJ0LA and LA8W.

LB1GB Bjørn Henning Bergheim
Born February 19 1966

Founder-member LA Contest Club and The Whisky Team – LA8W LN8W.

Introduced to CW via a colleague of his father, and got hooked, still his favorite mode. First licenced in August 1980, 14 years old. Spent the first 1.5 years as a novice with the call LB1GB, and worked a lot of QSO’s. Was active every single day the first 1.5 years 🙂

First rig was a FT7-B by Yaesu and the antenna was a 14AVQ vertical on the roof of an apartment building. When turning 16 in 1982 he received his “A” licence LA4DCA. Switched back to LB1GB August 15 2005. 25 years anniversary!

Father LA1PBA(SK), mother LA6LBA(SK), brother LA2FBA. All inactives.

Operated from/with: LA4O, LA2AB, LA5X, LA1DXG, LE1JP, LJ1GB, LG5LG, LA8W, LN8W, LI8W, LN9Z, LI1HQ, LN2HQ, LX8A, LX9BV, DF0BV, OZ/, HB0/, DL/, LX/, EA5/, VP5/LA4DCA, SO5DCA, SO2DCA, VP5L, VK9CK, VK9/LB1GB, LM80Q, LM80REX, LA1CWG.

LA5KO Roy Almedal

LB1G Jan Almedal

LA3BO Svein Bergstølen

LA7THA Rune Øye

LA9VDA Trond Johannessen

LA6YEA Øistein Eikedalen

LA5UF Jørgen Hoel


Regular operators and people who has been here operating or helped out in some way and ex members: LA9VDA LA3BO LB1G LA6YEA LB8MH LA6GIA LA9QL – LA6MP LA7MFA LA8AJA LA7SL LA9DFA LA7HJA LA9SEA LB3HC