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The new 40M 4-square

The 4 verticals for the 40 4-square is now up. It still needs radials and much tuning before we can use it, but it looks very promising.
When comparing pictures of the new and old system, you will see that the base for the new 4-square verticals is more robust than the old. Built to endure Norwegian winter storms! More pictures can be found in the low band antennas gallery.

New 40M 4-square and Beverage system

We currently have 2 projects going and both of them are soon finished. They still have to be taken down and erected every year, but now they have a more robust construction to withstand many winters to come, hopefully.  See more pictures in the gallery.

160 meter antenna broken

Update 4. Feb. 2008: Inverted L. up again. Lets hope it stays that way a few years.

Update 1. Feb. 2008: Inverted L. on 160 was totalled in the lastest storm “Tuva”. So again we are QRT on 160M.

Update: The 40M 4-square gave in as well. We now have to rely on the less effective 2EL shorty forty beam for the rest of the season.

Due to heavy icing, our 160M inverted L broke today. The top 1 meter or so snapped because of the worst case of icing for over a decade on this QTH. Our host Peter LA7SL is doing the best he can to prevent damages to our antennas, but icing 20 meters up is hard to handle.


Building a Reversible Beverage Array

Fant denne på K9JYs blog: Reversible Beverage Array by OH2BEN

Seventeen pages of how to build beverages — using the KISS method. Tom, OH2BEN, notes:

Because I am not an engineer or technically oriented person, this is also a learning process for me. I am good to solder PL259’s, but all electronic stuff is beyond my understanding. But I am learning. And I can assure you, that it takes a lot of time to understand all technical nuances and there are still a lot of things what I cannot understand. Therefore all notes are just how I understand it and in a KISS way. And therefore you cannot expect to see some nice or new ideas 🙂

Den kom også i ARRL Rate Sheet:

Tom OH2BEN has written a short article OH2BEN Reversible Beverage Array -20-10-2007
about his Reversible Beverage array project. His array consists of 3
reversible Beverages that can be switched to receive in 6 directions.