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CQ WW CW 2012 – LN8W

Bjorn, LB1GB will again pilot LN8W in CQ WW CW. Same class as last year – SOAB HP UNASSISTED

Live score at and maybe live streaming on (can also be viewed via if our internet connection stays up and is stable. There will be no time for troubleshooting during the contest if this fails.

See you in the contest!

LN8W is a part of Cereal Killers Team Contesting

A visit from Murphy

Problem fixed! Water in rotor connector.

Our rotor invited Murphy over just before the Scandinavian Activity Contest. Was doing the last checks on the radio and software setup and everything seemed to be working perfect. Before returning home i wanted to listen to the bands. Usually we don’t have much time for radio except when contesting, so I was kinda excited. Now SAC CW is in jeopardy. Continue reading