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LN8W CQ WPX CW 2015 claimed score

Call: LN8W
Operator(s): LB1GB LB8IB LA9VDA
Station: LA8W

Class: M/S HP
QTH: Skantebygda
Operating Time (hrs): 48

 Band  QSOs
  160:   22
   80:  158
   40:  681
   20: 1380
   15:  998
   10:   15
Total: 3254  Prefixes = 1270  Total Score = 9,825,990

Club: LA Contest Club


We had a great fun while turning the old LA record with a 2mill overhead.
1271 prefixes is due to very hard work at the mult station at all times.
Any mistakes made we blame on the B vitamins consumed during the contest!
73 The Whisky Team
3830 listing

ARRL CW 2013 dual CQ

Dueling CQ or Alternating CQ is a great technique to squeeze some extra QSO’s out of slow bands, or general slow rate contesting often experienced from Norway. Below is a audio file and log excerpt from a dual CQ I did  in the ARRL DX CW 2013. I actually did a lot of dueling CQ, but this excerpt looked alternating enough for an example. Working on 20M(left ear) and 15M(right ear). Please use headphones when listening since there is one radio in each ear.

Remember this is done from Norway and we don’t generate the biggest pileups :-)

LN8W Dual CQ ARRL CW 2013 20/15 meters

It’s 20 minutes long. You listen to as long as you like of course. 46 QSOs made. 33 on 20M and 13 on 15M. Beats being on one band only doesn’t it? Doing this in a serial number contest is much more difficult though. Continue reading

CQ WW CW 2012 – LN8W

Bjorn, LB1GB will again pilot LN8W in CQ WW CW. Same class as last year – SOAB HP UNASSISTED

Live score at http://cqcontest.ru and maybe live streaming on http://www.justin.tv/thewhiskyteam (can also be viewed via cqcontest.ru) if our internet connection stays up and is stable. There will be no time for troubleshooting during the contest if this fails.

See you in the contest!

LN8W is a part of Cereal Killers Team Contesting